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Patent Inventions

1. Title: Producing a Special Polycarboxcylate-Based Plasticizer with High Early Fluidity and Slump Detention

Owners: Sharbaf, Mohamadreza, Hajareh Haghighi, Farid, and Mostofinead, Davood.

Serial No.: C04B 24/02; Invention Registry No.: 99288; Invention Registration Date: August 04, 2019.


2. Title: Corner Strip-Batten Technique for Confinement of Rectilinier Reinforced Concrete Columns with FRP

Owners: Mostofinead, Davood, and Ilia, Elahe.

Serial No.: A/89 – 002069; Invention Registry No.: 83579; Invention Registration Date: August 16, 2014.


3. Title: Externally Bonded Reinforcement on Groove (EBROG) to Sustain Copressive Capacity of Longitudinal CFRP Composites

Owners: Mostofinead, Davood, and Moshiri, Niloufar.

Serial No.: A/89 –; Invention Registry No.: …. ; Invention Registration Date: April 16, 2014.


4. Title: Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams with FRP Sheets Using VGM (Vertical Grooves Method)

Owners: Mostofinead, Davood, and Tabatabaei Kashani, Amir Homayoon.

Serial No.: A/89 – 030381; Invention Registry No.: 71404; Invention Registration Date: September 8, 2011.


5. Title: GM (Grooving Method) with EBROG (Externally Bonded Reinforcement On Grooves) Technique to Prevent Debonding of FRP Sheets from Surface of Concrete Beam in Flexure

Owners: Mostofinead, Davood, Mahmudabadi, Ehsan, and Hosseini, Ardalan.

Serial No.: A/89 – 007957; Invention Registry No.: 70840; Invention Registration Date: July 27, 2011.


6. Title: EBRIG (Externally Bonded Reinforcement In Grooves) Method for Bonding FRP Laminates onto Concrete Beams

Owners: Mostofinead, Davood, Shameli, Seyed Masoud, and Hosseini, Ardalan.

Serial No.: A/89 – 013792; Invention Registry No.: 69333; Invention Registration Date: March 15, 2011.

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Patent Inventions | Davood Mostofinejad, Ph.D., PE


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